How long to complete KYC?

KYC on RGX will take from 15 minutes to 3 days to verify your identity based on the clarity of your provided information and the matching of your face scan and data you provided. 

Tips to complete KYC:

- Fill in the information correctly: please be careful in completing the information. Some mistakes might cause a bit of delay or failure in verifying the identity. Example: fill in the first name and last name in the opposit box.  

- Document must be clear and original: for Cambodians, it can be used as an ID card or passport for everyone around the world. Noted: If you upload a saved document, please don't crop or edit, else it will affect your KYC process. 

- Face verification: scan a real-time face with enough light, follow the step provided by our KYC. 

Please kindly wait a little bit, and if you fail to do KYC, you can contact our support team via email: We are looking to help you. 

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