What Is LeverFI?



LeverFi, formerly known as RAMP DEFI, is a decentralized leverage trading platform. In March of 2022, the team behind RAMP DEFI rebranded their company to adjust to the increasingly uncertain DeFi market. The rebrand aims to tackle issues within the current DeFi market such as a lack of sustainable TVL and utility.

The team behind LeverFi hopes to create a product that provides value by allowing users to trade and yield farm at the same time . Lenders deposit funds into lending pools and earn an interest from traders who borrow to leverage trade up to 10X. Any liquidity from lenders that are not used would be deposited into other DeFi protocols to generate more yield.

LeverFi aims to serve as a bridge for Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains like BNB ChainAvalanchePolygonArbitrumOptimism and more.


LeverFi (LEVER) Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Who Are the Founders of LeverFi?



The Singapore-based RAMP DEFI project was founded in 2019 by Lawrence Lim and Loh Zheng Rong. Together, they re-branded the platform and launched LeverFi 3 years later. Lawrence Lim, the co-founder, began his career in 2012 in the traditional finance world. He worked in private banking and corporate mergers and acquisitions before transitioning into crypto with IOST, a blockchain network.

Loh Zheng Rong, the co-founder and marketing lead of the project, is a graduate of the Singapore Management University with a B.B.A in Finance Wealth Management. He co-founded NOX (a blockchain infrastructure company) in 2018 and previously served as the managing partner at Merkle Ventures.


LeverFi (LEVER) Price Prediction 2023 2024 2025 - 2030

What Makes LeverFi Unique?



The primary case for LeverFi is to establish a unique solution for traders by integrating trading and farming into a single platform.

Users can deposit collateral as single assets, such as BitcoinEthereumCurve liquidity provider tokens (LP) and Uniswap LP, and then unify their collateral in order to trade with larger positions.

The platform also supports users who partake in pair trading or hedging with leverage, while also allowing users to utilize the platform in conjunction with DEX/CEX derivatives.

LeverFi charges trade fees of 1% for every trade. Furthermore, LeverFi routes trade to pre-existing DeFi protocols and decentralized exchanges. For instance, when a user longs an asset on the platform, the asset is bought on a liquid secondary market via DEXs. LeverFi does not act as a counterparty to their users, and hence claims that it does not engage in “player versus player” or PvP behavior as it is a conflict of interest.

Source : Coinmarketcap

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