What is Gala Games?



Gala Games was created by industry-leading game developers who came together to bring value back to the players with the help of Web3 and blockchain tech. Its founders saw major problems with the way today’s leading game publishers demand that players continually spend to keep enjoying a game they love. Scrapping the old model, Gala is creating a huge platform with AAA-level games (many free to play) designed to give players more freedom, control, and rewards than ever.

With dozens of Web3 games (including many well-known IPs) in various stages of development or already released, Gala Games is poised to become a Web3 gaming ecosystem large enough to compete with mainstream platforms.


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Who are the Founders of Gala Games?


Gala Games was founded in 2019 by Eric Schiermeyer, Co-founder of Zynga, along with like-minded experts from gaming, crypto pioneers and blockchain developers. Success in mobile gaming with titles like Zynga Poker, Farmville and Mafia Wars set the stage for a huge leap toward player empowerment.

Including the teams at Gala Music and Gala Film, as of early 2023 there are approximately 400 people around the world working for the fully remote US-based company.


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What Makes Gala Games Unique?



Centuries of combined experience from some of the greatest game devs makes Gala Games truly unique in both the Web3 and gaming worlds. They are committed to a “games-first” approach, always reaching for the greatest possible gaming experience above all else.

The team at Gala Games is passionate about gaming. They are taking the most cutting edge aspects of Web3 tech, and using them to give gamers freedom like they have never seen: Freedom to own, freedom to earn, and freedom to play.

Gala Games also aims to simplify the onboarding process for gamers entering the Web3 world, allowing users to begin making blockchain transactions by simply connecting an existing Coinbase or MetaMask wallet. Additionally, many Gala Games items can be purchased directly with credit cards.

Gala Games works closely with OpenSea to facilitate its official NFT collections, which can all be found on this collection page. Because every Gala account has a corresponding Ethereum wallet, players are able to easily trade their items peer-to-peer on OpenSea.

The Gala Games team is very accessible in the Discord community, where players and community members are truly listened to. This open dialogue community approach has been one of the greatest secrets to Gala’s success.

In early 2022, Gala Games expanded its mission to encompass all of Web3 entertainment, launching both Gala Music and Gala Film. Additionally, Gala’s generative NFT avatar project, VOX, has dropped 4 successful series, including collaborations with Dreamworks’ Trolls and AMC’s The Walking Dead. An ambitious and gamified metaverse home for all VOX is currently being developed by Will Wright, creator of The Sims.

Gala users collect in-game NFTs from different games on the platform. They can either use them in-game for various benefits, boosts and reward opportunities, or trade them as they please on the secondary market. This ability to own and trade in-game items allows players to shop and play with less commitment, giving them the freedom to play more games.

While Gala often develops its own games (Town Star, Mirandus, Last Expedition, The Walking Dead: Empires), the company also works with award-winning external gaming studios. A list of currently playable or in-development Gala Games can be found on this page.

In late 2022, Gala Games unveiled its own “games-first” layer-1 blockchain solution (currently called Project GYRI). Assets on Gala’s blockchain are fully bridgeable to and from the Ethereum blockchain, and GALA acts as the gas token for all transactions. When GALA is collected as transactional fees, a portion is burned, and a portion is distributed to Founder’s Node operators as an additional reward.

Throughout 2023 and beyond, Gala has many announcements and releases planned as the Gala Games platform takes shape as the world leader of Web3 gaming.

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