What Is Ambire (previously AdEx Network) (ADX)?



AdEx is a cutting-edge web3 marketing platform utilizing blockchain and programmatic advertising to elevate digital advertising. Through AdEx, Web3 advertisers can access an untapped market of potential crypto users.

Originating in 2017 as a decentralized ad exchange, AdEx has evolved into a full advertising protocol, boasting 20,000+ registered users and processing billions of micropayments on the blockchain. Currently, AdEx serves as a Demand-Side Platform, allowing advertisers to buy traffic through SSPs, conduct real-time bidding, and leverage programmatic technology. Moreover, AdEx maintains direct partnerships with premium publishers, encompassing all interactions between publishers, advertisers, and end users.

ADX, the native token of AdEx, serves as the platform's native utility token, playing a pivotal role in rewards, governance, payment, and staking. It incentivizes validator uptime, ensuring seamless advertising campaigns. The more tokens staked, the more robust the validator network becomes. ADX token holders can stake their tokens to receive generous rewards and participate in governance decisions. Moreover, advertisers leverage ADX for campaign payments, enjoying reduced fees compared to other payment options.


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Who Are the Founders of Ambire?



AdEx was created by Ivo Georgiev and Dimo Stoyanov - seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record of success. The duo is also the powerplant behind the media streaming platform Stremio which has 18+ million users around the globe.

Today, a team of 20 professionals works on the AdEx advertising platform and the company’s self-custodial wallet, built on account abstraction - Ambire Wallet.


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