Chairman's Message

“The cornerstones of success must be built on transparency, good
governance and social conscience."

It truly is an exciting time in the fastest-growing economy in the world. The Kingdom is facing an incredible future despite its recent history. Having spent most of my youth in Australia, I returned to Cambodia at the start of the UNTAC administration in the early 1990’s. What I found was a country that needed to rise from the ashes. I realized that Cambodia required strong and committed business leaders if it was ever to survive and develop as a nation. A young, proud and optimistic population has been the driving force behind the re-emergence of an amazing country. With a stable government committed to free markets, due process and the rule of law, Cambodia has become one of the most dynamic countries in Asia. My own journey has mirrored that of the nation.


Starting with almost nothing, I have built The Royal Group into the most strategic portal to investing in Cambodia. Over the last two decades, we have established a series of market-leading companies with the most recognizable brand names in the country. The cornerstones of our success have been built on transparency, good governance and social conscience. Cambodia still has a long way to go and everything is in place for this country to be one of the best-performing in Asia for decades to come. There is significant opportunity for investment in every sector of the economy. Investors in the country today will reap the benefits of a rapidly developing nation for many decades to come. We at The Royal Group are delighted to continue bringing international investments to Cambodia. We welcome your expertise and together we can take the nation to the next stage. Cambodia is open for business and we are in the most favorable position to help you.

Neak Oknha Kith Meng
Chairman & CEO of The Royal Group


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